Most Asked Questions

Yes! I offer the convenience of bundling multiple insurance policies, such as auto, home, and business insurance. Bundling can lead to potential savings with our multi-policy discounts.

While homeowner insurance is not legally required once you’ve paid off your mortgage, it is still highly recommended. It protects your investment and covers various risks, including property damage, theft, and liability.

Yes, updating your homeowner insurance coverage is crucial when significantly improving your home. By notifying your insurance agent, you can ensure that your range reflects the increased value of your property and adequately protects your investment.

Renters’ insurance typically covers only the belongings of the policyholder named on the policy. If your roommate wants coverage for their belongings, they must obtain their own renter’s insurance policy.

Whether you need to adjust your coverage limits, add or remove drivers, or change your deductible, contact me at Herrera Insurance Agency Inc. I will assist you in making the necessary updates to your car insurance coverage.

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